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About Mavi Pension

The building was builded up in the beginning of 1950s. It had been used as resident and as kindergarten until it becomes Mavi Pension in 2005.

Sardinias welcome you when you enter and when you look up, you’ll see the hammocks. If you can go beyond these, we can meet.

You’ll see, our garden is really green. Pine and olive trees, four grapevines, a pomegranate tree, a quince tree, an apple tree, a black mulberry tree, a pear, peach, apricot and plum trees… We have a loquat tree also!

Afterwards …the flowers. Roses and…we’ve already mentioned the sardinias… hydrengeas! Petunias! Adalias and lavenders! Herbal tea on the branches: Sage, thyme, rosemary, marjoram, karabaşotu (a plant peculiar to this region, good for circulation system) Vegetables on the branches: Tomatoe, pepper, cucumber, eggplant, squash, peppermint, parsley, onion…

What else? Oh, and, strawberry!

You probably want to learn about the rooms afterwards…

At the first floor, there are two rooms: Salkım and Zeytin. The former is for four perons whereas the latter is for three. Both are private. İmbat (single private), Bulut and Yasemin (double private), Günbatımı and Deniz (triple private) are at the second floor.

Let’s look at the third and the last floor…

First the terrace! Because you feet will bring you there where peerless sunsets can be viewed over the pine trees…

And the rooms come later. Keyif (triple private), İncir and Poyraz (both are double private). We should mention that we have a small library at each floor. If you wish, you can contribute, but please don’t take away the books.

And now, the sea!

Sea is very close to us. You should have seen it when you were in the garden or at the balcony or at the terrace. You can jump in the sea if you walk 20 feet and cross the street. And there is a beach 100 metres away.

But we like to get into relation with the sea in other ways also. We love its companionship when we have breakfast, dinner, tea or a glass of wine.

If you want to join us, you welcome! But if you are still hesitating, just look at our free breakfast which is included in the price and then decide whether you’ll come or not:

Olive oil peculiar to Ayvalık region, hand made jams and olives, cheese from the region, curds with thyme, muhammara (a special Turkish appetizer), salads, fruits and cookies…

Take as much as you want and enjoy it.