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About Ayvalık

Ayvalık is a borough of Balıkesir, but situated in the North of Aegean region. Ayvalık is surrounded by Bergama in the Southeast, Dikili in the South, Edremit Gulf in the North and Burhaniye in the Northeast. It is also very close to Lesvos, which is an island of Greece.


The climate in Ayvalık is that of Aegean coast. You don’t feel the boiling hot and perishing cold here. You enjoy the pine scented imbat which is a breeze peculiar to the Aegean coast.


Most of the buildings in and around Ayvalık share some distinct architectural properties. The Roman and Hellenistic buildings bearing the stamp of neoclassical style haven’t lost their values as time goes by. What makes Ayvalık buildings special is the stone called sarımsak taşı and its harmony with the wood.

The City

Ayvalık is one of the exceptional residences which has protected its historical feature until today. Churchs and monasteries, mosques, fountains, windmills, historically-registered buildings, cobble streets, surprising squares and dead-ends, coaches…


The dishes belong to the region are also very special, especially those with olive oil, the boiled vegetables, cheese, curd, curd sweet, papalina (a kind of fish) and all the seafood. And the roasted sandwich of Ayvalık should also be mentioned and suggested.

Thursday Bazaar

You can find anything at the bazaar on Thursday. People come outside, even from Mythelene.

The Biggest Nature Park of Turkey

The nature park covers 19 of the islands around Ayvalık. Its area is 17.900 ha and it includes 752 kinds of plant. 17 of these are found only in Turkey and 4 plants are endemic – can only be found in and around Ayvalık. The nature park is generous with its birds, its animals, its beauties and wealth underwater.

The Islands

Ayvalık Bay includes 22 islands. There is no residence except Cunda and Lale islands. Sometimes the fishermen stop and take breaks near the islands. By the boat trips, you can see and swim near the islands which constitute the Nature Park since 1995.

Sarımsaklı Beach

Sarımsaklı Beach is 7 kilometers far from Ayvalık and is the most beautiful place to swim in the region due to its sand. The touristic potencial of the region is met through the otels in the district.

Şeytan Sofrası

If you want to look at the wonderful view of the bays and endless olive tree areas, you have to climb Şeytan Sofrası, which is an outfall of an old volcano. You can reach Şeytan Sofrası when you turn to the right on the road to Sarımsaklı. There is a camping area of the Forestry where tables, WC, drinking water and telephone can be found. And when you continue to climb, you arrive at the top of the hill which is called Şeytan Sofrası – meaning “the dinner table of the devil”. Enjoy the view of imcomparable sunsets.